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Outlook tip on recurring tasks

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  • Outlook tip on recurring tasks

    I subscribe to Diane Poremsky's Outlook Tips.
    Today's tip has been something I've been asking Microsoft to do for a long time! You'd think they'd tell me it's already doable just to get me off their back! I'll include the complete email at the bottom so you can subscribe if you like.

    It's always been a hassle for me, to set a recurring task, have the reminder come up, dismiss it, but still have to open outlook back up to check the Completed box so that the task list is up to date. Thankfully, the task regenerates even if I don't check it completed.

    Today's tip basically says, if you right click your reminder, you can "Mark Complete" right from there. KEWL! I've hunted all over for this much simpler way to do this, and have had no answer from the microsoft newsgroups on this either.

    Maybe I am the only one that never tried to right click a reminder, who knows. but THANKS DIANE!!
    Welcome to Outlook Tips, your source for daily tips on using Outlook effectively.

    ------------Today's tip------------

    Did you know you can right click on task and mail items in Outlook 2002/2003's Reminder window and mark them complete?

    On mail and Task items, your right click options are Open Flag Complete Clear Flag

    Calendar items only offer Open.


    Diane Poremsky

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