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Seeking checklist program for Palm

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  • Seeking checklist program for Palm

    Does anyone know of a good Palm OS application that will keep reoccuring checklists and also allow a link to pop an item onto my to do list?


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    I don't know an individual program that will do this. However, I use a combination of two programs to accomplish what you are trying to do. I use HandyShopper for my checklists and ToDo DA to add tasks. If I highlight an item from a checklist in HandyShopper, then activate the ToDo desk accessory, it will copy my text, allow me to set a due date and priority and send my item to the built-in task list. Both of these programs are free.


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      I think HandyShopper lets you set due dates and alarms for items. But I've never used these features so I can't vouch for how they work (because I use Life Balance and the Calendar for things I have to do).



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        I have used ReDo (by Rick Huebner) for about 7 years now. It is very cheap (about US$12 as I recall) and worth many times that. ReDo maintains a separate database of recurring tasks that get inserted into the ToDo database on the assigned date.

        For instance, I know that my tax returns are due every year on April 15 and I would want to be reminded about that every February 1, but I don't want to stare at that Next Action from April through December every year. So, I put "file US & state tax returns" in ReDo, with due date of April 15 every year, a "pop-up" date 60 days before the due date, and in the "In-Basket" category. On the assigned date, it shows up in my "In-Basket" category on my ToDo list.

        I have about 300 reminders in my ReDo database. It's great for those monthly or quarterly chores for the house or car, as they don't show up as NAs until they need to (usually the morning that they're due).

        ReDo is a really great program. Try it out to see if it works for you.



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          Also there was a freeware version of ChecklistLite that was available. This would allow for a number of lists, with multiple steps that could be checked/reset. The 'parent' (title would indicate the number of completed/open items.

          Had used this for packing lists, daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly tasks.

          Not sure of any of the freeware sites still have it. Worked under Palm OS 2>3.5 (last version of the OS I have),


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            Yes, HandyShopper does allow you to set due dates and alarms, but they are not recurring, so you have to manually reset the date and alarm for a repeating entry. I use ReDo for any recurring items that I want to appear in my Palm task list. ReDo has a variety of repeating options, and you can set the preference so that the task only appears on your Palm task list when you want it to appear. I like ReDo for recurring tasks, but I prefer HandyShopper for my checklists because it helps keep my next action lists shorter and therefore more manageable.