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Same contacts on two sep. outlooks on 2 diff. PC's? How?

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  • Same contacts on two sep. outlooks on 2 diff. PC's? How?


    I have a question:

    I just hired an assistant.
    We will have our two separate laptops as office machines.
    Using our sparate Outlooks 2003, is there a way to have the contact be a 'central place' which always has ALL of both our contacts in there??

    I was thinking: use my palm Tungsten T2, sync with my pc at the end of the day. Go over to her PC, pretend it's the same user, sync it with her pc (just the contacts!)
    This way we both would have the sum of all newly put-in contacts (by both of us, in our separate outlooks) at the end of the day.

    Probably an amateur solution...
    There must be better ways...

    I got the blackberry, and probably will get as exchange server, so that would take care of it, I take it. (I know too little about exchange servers yet to really know.)

    So, how do other small businesses share all their contacts??
    (And not just in the office, I wanna have all those on-the-go in the blackbery.)

    Thanks in advance!


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    Exchange server

    Well, my wife and I work together, and want to be able to see one another's calendars, so we just opened an Exchange server account with -- it's fairly inexpensive ($7 each per month) and will let us share calendars, contacts, etc. I think it might be a little more complicated to sync copies of both calendars to one Palm (which is what we use), but we may spring for copies of PocketMirror Professional, which has a Palm-side application that can view multiple calendars.