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Using Bonsai, Cando and Pop! for GTD

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  • Using Bonsai, Cando and Pop! for GTD


    I just posted a similar message on the other side of this forum, but I have been so satisfied with this set up that I thought I'd post a short description here. It is really just too simple to manage.

    I have been using Bonsai, Cando and Pop! for almost a year and am very satisfied. I use Bonsai to set up projects under "life focus areas" and tasks and next actions as children of projects. All tasks are assigned context using Pop! to ensure standardization, e.g. @call, @office... and all NA's get linked to the palm todo.

    Categories in Bonsai are "projects", "tasks", "NA", "successful outcome", "role", "focus area", "S/M project" and "projects in planning". Project and NA categories are color coded so I can filter on the two and see immediately which projects lack NA's.

    Using Cando to view NA's, I can set a "view" to show items filtered on text, so I can view all items which contain @office or @home or @call to see NA's by context. This way, I just select a alreay defined "view" and whamo, all the items with a specific context are shown. I don't really use the categories in todo applications.

    The only thing I really miss is having a way to print out my calendar with tasks, e.g. daytimer format, so I can do some creative on paper thinking, but I've posted that issue here many times looking for a solution to my printing problems but know one seems to have any suggestions that help me.

    Hope this is helpful,

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    How does Pop! fit into your solution here? I used to use it on my Handspring and have been trying to decide if it would still be helpful to install on my T3.


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      Mostly, Pop! give me a quick and easy way to stay consistant with prefixes. For tasks, I begin them with @.context, e.g. @.home,, etc... for projects, I use the /p. prefix, e.g. /p.clean garage. Then in Cando, I can filter on /p. to see all projects or @. to see all tasks or to see all calls.



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        I like what you're saying here. Out of curiosity, how did you start using the prefixes this way as opposed to using the categories themselves? Is this a work around for the number of categories possible on a Palm?


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          I quit using categories to show context or anything primarily because it makes it easier to import/export data so going from one software package to another is much easier.

          Also, without categories, it makes it possible to sort your task list and/or filter using one or more keywords.