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GTD and Life Balance

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  • GTD and Life Balance

    I recently upgrade to a Zire 72 and am having fun putting new software on it. The ads for Life Balance have caught my attention so I downloaded a trial version. I've always used the basic Palm apps to use GTD, but this looks like a way to combine the Runway ideas of GTD (tasks) with the 10,000 level, 20,000 level, etc. of GTD's life goals. Plus the pie chart is pretty cool!

    Any thoughts on using Life Balance for GTD are appreciated.

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    I will give you 2 advices, check the llamagraphics forum because there is a lot of people using GTD posting there, but also if you make a search here you will find some post about the topic too.

    by the way, is a great software.


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      life balance

      great software for combining GTD with any higher level approach... Runways or Covey for example.
      I've used it for several years & wouldn't be without it.
      I would take the KISS approach to starting out. You don't want to get deep into an approach only to find out you want to change & then have to start input all over or move a bunch of projects/tasks around your outline.
      Keep It Simply Simple.


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        Originally posted by AnnZiv
        . . .this looks like a way to combine the Runway ideas of GTD (tasks) with the 10,000 level, 20,000 level, etc. of GTD's life goals.
        Yup. It takes care of the runway level beautifully, but also lets you see the big picture of your whole life and all your goals.

        The scheduling feature "Complete subtasks in order" is great for GTD. You can define ALL the steps of a project, if you know them, and if they have to be done in order, your context list will show only the current one. But it will also automatically show you the next one as soon as you check off the current one and update.

        Loosely-recurring non-date-sensitive "routine" tasks are easy to handle.

        "Places" are really powerful contexts that can include other places. You can have any number of useful context lists with the same item on many lists very easily without any manual re-entry.

        And I think the prioritization is extremely helpful. I just wrote a long post about this in another thread.

        What else? The support on their forum and from the developers is awesome. They are responsive to customer suggestions and add improvements all the time. Some upgrades are free and others are quite reasonable.