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GTD Outlook Add-in??

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  • GTD Outlook Add-in??

    Do any of you use the GTD Outlook Add-in software? I have been dabbling with GTD for a while now, though I've not really implemented it. And I bought the stand-alone version of Outlook a while back (to allow me to share calendars with a contractor I work with), but I've not installed it. Is the add-in worth the cost? The demo sure looks like they have it all worked out, and I can't afford to spend the time to learn Outlook and integrate GTD. I guess my question is, how well does the add-in work?

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    I have been using the add-in for almost two years. I got it initially because I didn't have time to learn how to set up outlook.

    After only a slight amount of learning, you should be up and running.

    I think the add-in is a great tool and recommend it especially if your world is very email intensive and you use outlook already.


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      Beware of Outlook 2003

      I been using the add-in (.64 version) for months with Outlook XP and it works fine.

      A co-worker got it for his system and has been plagued with problems because issues with Outlook 2003.

      Netcentrics are not very responsive. They have a thriving community of people dedicated to using the software and making it better but Netcentrics is very non-communicative.

      So my advice is use it with Outlook XP but don't expect much growth from the product as it appears these people are behaving the same way the Actioneer developers have.