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Outlook Synch 2 Computers

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  • Outlook Synch 2 Computers

    I'm currently synching Outlook on my home and tablet computers through Yahoo mail's free sync program (I sync my home and work computers through my Sony Clie). It's effective, but not quite as configurable as I would prefer. Does anyone use another type of software or have any other solution that they've found to be effective in doing this? My ideal would to be to have the two computers in sync all the time, automatically, without my having to do any kind of manual sync.

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    palm as the conduit

    Hi there ... I use my Palm OS as the conduit. I sync it with each computer.


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      Outlook Synch 2 Computers

      I have found that the palm desktop is the most stable application for synching-- esp. if you use custom catagories.


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        For a while I was synching using my old Handspring Visor -- sync with the Visor at work, go home, sync the Visor to the home laptop.

        Not using the Visor anymore, and had the idea of simply exporting the Outlook information to a file, save it in Yahoo Briefcase, then download it at home.

        Anyone else trying anything like that?


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          Synching between machines (desktop<>laptop, etc)

          I have been usingthe freebie Plaxo with some success. It synchs contact folders, task folders, and notes folders. As many as you like.

          Mark Loudon, CT


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            Has anyone ever tried the MSN Premium Outlook Connector? It's a part of the MSN Premium package at $9.95/month. A bit pricey, but I might be persuaded if the synching is good. Especially since Major League Baseball is part of the deal.


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              The Outlook Sync onduit from MSN is terrible. I spent 2 weeks of nights on with MSN support. I certainly don't recommend it if you have over 200 contacts. (it maxes out at 700)



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                Well, now I'm confused. When I first tried to sync my Palm with both my desktop computer and a laptop, Palm tech support told me it couldn't be done. Presumably because there must be a record of some sort in both the Palm and the computer it's synchrozing with for it to know which is the more current data. (Has this changed?) Nor was I ever able to find a practical way to update Outlook files from desktop to my laptop (before the laptop died) or vice versa. One can export the Outlook data from one computer and then import it into the other, but without first removing ALL of the existing data from the computer that's being imported into, there will be duplications, and that can be a pretty time-consuming process. Furthermore, for reasons I could never understand one-day all-day events would become two-day all-day events when they went through this export-import wash, and leaving me without knowing which day the event was scheduled for.

                The best solution I've heard of--and the one I will try if and when I get another laptop--is to keep all of the Outlook files on a thumb drive and GUARD THAT THUMB DRIVE! Then you should be able to operate from any computer with the most recent data set. (And I suspect that you could sync a Palm to any of those computers.) There's a pricey thumb drive out there (called the Migo, if I remember the name correctly) that's supposed to do just that, and keep all of your desktop settings and erase all trace of your ever having been there once you leave the computer. But for just operating Outlook from a data set on a thumb drive, I should think that any thumb drive would work.


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                  Anyone else with experience with MSN Outlook Live?

                  Originally posted by stsanford
                  The Outlook Sync onduit from MSN is terrible. I spent 2 weeks of nights on with MSN support. I certainly don't recommend it if you have over 200 contacts. (it maxes out at 700)

                  Are you referring to intellisync for MSN? Or the Outlook Connector for Outlook Live?

                  I synced 1000 contacts (the limit to it) fairly seamlessly.

                  I was wondering if anyone had experience syncing while using the Outlook GTD plugin.


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                    Intellisync by Pumatech allows me to sync my T3 with Outlook at Home and with Palm Desktop (and Lotus Notes for Calendar data only) at work. It works reliably without creating duplicates.

                    Does anyone have experience doing a similar thing with a Treo 650? I'm considering migrating, but really don't want to mess up my dual sync capability.



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                      Hi Kevin,

                      If you are using Outlook and want complete sync I recommend you take a look at KeySuite it uses its own Palm Apps not the built in ones, thus you can have as many categories as you want and it keeps two PC's and your Palm in sync all the time. The package is a bit pricey but worth a look. There are some other GTD users in these forums that use it with great success, so you might want to do a search in these forums for keysuite for some more feedback.

                      their website is