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exporting and importing multiple appointments in Outlook

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  • exporting and importing multiple appointments in Outlook

    I had a brainstorm today when I was going over our organization's meeting calendar. We have 30 board members who have to manually input the paper meeting calendar that we give them into their planners. Most are high powered attorneys with limited time.

    I am wondering if we could produce an export file with all of our meetings for the year in it, and give it to our board members to import. Seems like it would save a lot of time if this is possible. Does anyone know where I would look to figure out how to do this if Outlook will do it?


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    This is a great outlook (and other general IT info) site:
    It might be a good place to start searching. The Microsoft support site is also pretty good:


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      Great sites - thanks for the reference. For anyone who's interested, this is the answer I found:

      How can I export calendar items in bulk from Outlook 2000 to a vCalendar format for import into a non-Outlook client that has vCalendar support?

      The vCalendar format is to appointment items as vCard is to contacts. Outlook doesn't provide a bulk export facility for either. You need to create your vCalendar items one by one by choosing File, Save As.

      Microsoft's site seems to concur. Too bad, that would be really convenient.



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        DatePak - Might do what you are looking for

        If most of your users have PDA's you might want to check out DatePak from Natara

        You have to enter the items into DatePak once, but then you can distribute to both Palm and PocketPC users.


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          Export Calendar in Outlook

          In Outlook 2003 you can export items filtered by category to .pst file that could be imported by another user.

          File->Import & Export->Export to file->Personal Folder File

          Then filter by category.