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GemX doOrganizer

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  • GemX doOrganizer

    I use Ecco but just came across GemX's doOrganizer (, which looks pretty impressive. I can't try it til I upgrade my system. Does anyone have any experience with it? They also make "TexNotes."

    I have no affiliation with GemX or anything. I'm just avoiding processing at the moment.

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    Gem/X doOrganizer

    Wow, what an impressive hunk of software (from the web site's tour point of view). Really cool graphics & comprehensive tools.

    The downside? Well it's Bill Gates fault. I use Outlook 2003 at home & work. I have a Palm m515 with Key Notes that I sync at home only. I use Intellisync with Yahoo to maintain my stuff on 2 PC's & I just don't have the energy right now to change systems. So in having Outlook, One Note, Mind Maps already purchased & on my system I have all the components & a few less bells & whistles. Maybe someday when I retire I'll look at something like that. But then again, I'll probably convert to Mac. Because to me (after having toured a Mac mall store (Danbury, Ct) I was very impressed. But that is the ultimate changeover. Nevermind retire, maybe in a another life.


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      Has anyone tried this lately? I see they have a new version out which includes an email client.
      Perhaps a worthy competitor to Outlook(?)


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        I now use doorganizer everyday. They now have a better new update and a new price.

        Sorry for pushing this software, but I'm just a very pleased customer of gemx.