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    I am a Palm User as well as my wife. She use a plain vanilla aproach and her palm to read. I was thinking in giving her a Blackberry, since I want to keep the Nextel Plans we have.

    I beleive she will use a lot of email after she got a blackberry and that is one of the reasons I am thinking in one, but also I know that she used ereader and excell as well as I know she has a lot of notes.

    Any of the users or ex-users of the Blackberry can give me some recomendation...

    thanks a lot

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    I seriously doubt she will give up her palm if you get a Blackberry. Especially if she reads a lot of ebooks or uses excel extensively. Ecell is an alternative for Excel on the BB but there is not a good, easy to use, ebook reader. I have a BB but use it for email and wireless calendar sync with work only. My PPC is the device of choice with Agenda Fusion to manage GTD


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      I have the custom of never say thanks after somebody reply a pst (try to avoid unnecesary messages, maybe because of the amount of email). Anyway thanks for your answer.

      Does anybody knows a ebook reader for the crackberry.

      My wife is getting the blackberry and I am thinking in one too, we can keep our palms in order to read at night, but I will like to know if I can have the posibility to read ebboks...



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        There is a program called Rimreader but it's basically a cut and paste type that doesn't do full ebooks very well. If it wasn't for ebooks, and audible books I would probably be able to do without my PPC and stick to just the Blackberry. I can get audible books on my ipod but am spoiled with reading ebooks in bed also at night. I really like my Blackberry 7290 and have gotten a lot more done lately by using it instead of playing with my PPC all the time. The categories capability really makes it usable with GTD.


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          Wait until March and get her a SmartPhone Instead

          I too am a Nextel user and considered the BlackBerry. But because its primary focus is email and not necessarily being a PDA I passed in favor of the upcoming PDA phone in March.

          The i930 is a PocketPC Smartphone which will also be a dictation device.

          Here's some sneak peaks: