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Palm or Outlook solutions - Task Matrix?

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  • Palm or Outlook solutions - Task Matrix?

    I am interested in incorporating some of Covey's ideas about importance into my GTD practice. I'm getting a lot done, but, a lot of what? I am interested to know if readers of this board have solutions for incorporating importance (quadrants) into your practice with Outlook or with any Palm software.


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    Re:Palm or Outlook solutions - Task Matrix?


    If you are interested in a time management program for the Palm that incorporates Covey's "importance quadrants"--you might want to check out the new Agendus version 9 (just released). The todo list now lets you not only specify a priority for your todos (1-5), but also assign an A through D quadrant designation (with corresponding icon). You can also use the included Tiny Charts program to see what percentage of your time is being spent on tasks in each of the quadrants. Agendus also has a corresponding Windows program (essentially a replacement for the Palm Desktop). The current Agendus for Windows does not incorporate this Covey planning feature--but a new version which should be in beta testing within a couple of weeks, will supposedly incorporate (support) all the features that the new Palm program does.

    Hope this you find this useful,



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      I use Life Balance software to order my list items by importance. This prioritization is richer than the 4 quadrants: all tasks are ranked on a continuum rather than placed into only 4 bins. The tasks that tend to get neglected -- the important but not urgent ones -- often rise to the top of my lists. This feature has been useful in motivating me to do tasks that I would otherwise ignore when they sat on unprioritized lists. My friends and family are happier with me now, and my relationships with them are better, for example, because Life Balance has kicked my butt to do actions that previously always seemed like they could wait till later.



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        Life Balance looks pretty amazing. Can it synch to Outlook, or just to its own Windows based program? We use Outlook at my office...


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          The LifeBalance desktop version can interact with Outlook via the calendar in LifeBalance. You'll find that the LifeBalance desk top is where you'll want to do your processing.

          BTW, I shut off the feature in LifeBalance that "scores" your tasks completed by top level role/goal. I know that the premise of the software is to get into balance, but I did not find it to be helpful. The weely review to me is the answer to balance. You need to plan specific tasks to be completed weekly however for those important/not urgent goals.


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            Agendus 9 works well for me!