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    I love using KeyNote ( I tried using it as a place to manage my lists, but now it's primarily where I go to think about my goals. The tabs and tree structure make it easy to move things around, take notes, etc. Not an all-in-one solution, but an outstanding piece of freeware.

    What's your favorite freeware? How do you use it?

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    For Pocket PC users, I have extracted all the ratings from and sorted the apps by rating (with screenshots!) -

    I hope to do the same thing with when I have energy and some extra time. It's on my Projects list!!


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      This is a great topic, and I hope others will join in with their favorites. I would also be very interested to see Jonathan's compilation of highly rated Palm freeware (I might be missing out on something really good). My favorite freeware for the Palm is HandyShopper. It is a great program for shopping but has capabilities far beyond. There is also a Yahoo listserv with very creative devotees. I keep almost all of my GTD checklists in HandyShopper. I use other freeware, but nothing comes close to how much I use HandyShopper.


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        OK, did it!

        Here is an extraction of all the ratings from, sorted by popularity. Programs with the most ratings are at the top; programs with the least ratings, at the bottom. This gives an excellent view of which freeware programs are highly regarded in the Palm community.


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          Thanks for posting this, Jonathan! I am going to spend some time after Christmas going through your compilation.


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            the best freeware apps can be found at



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              Great link in the above post by vmmattil! Can't wait to try some of this freeware out.



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                I've been using Freemind, an open source mind mapping software, reccomended in several threads on this BB. It's great.