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  • thumb drive pim

    I'm looking for full-featured PIM software that can be run from a USB thumb drive. I don't like entering data in a palmtop, and am almost always at a computer when I need to do so. However, I work as a consultant and often use others' computers, making it difficult to install software. The natural solution is to have the software and data on the thumb drive. The software DOES need to have the ability for me to export the contacts database into a form that Palm Desktop can import. I pretty much only need to use my Zire for phone number lookup. I print out calenders and task lists on a regular basis.

    I have found a couple candidates, but neither is full-featured. They are BitPal and EssentialPIM.

    Any recommendations?

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    I just read that the T5 has a sort of direct USB link to any desktop without requiring any drivers, etc.. but I don't know what that means in practice. I'd be interested if any T5 owners could explain.

    I use AnyTime Deluxe to print my calendars, etc... It's cheap, using DIMEX I can export my Palm events and import them to AnyTime. I don't know if it will run on a USB device without requiring instalation, but I will try to check it out.

    I am going to check out the two applications you mentioned below, and hopefully there will be additional input from others.



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      Maybe tiddlywiki?

      Check the solution mentioned in the following post:
      It seems to be very, very, very promising at first glance.
      Great for people who do not want to use Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes for their lists.
      It is not a calendar application so you have to manage your hard landscape using another method (for example cell phone calendar).
      Only one HTML file that contains both your data and data management software. No installation required - you can browse and edit your notes using any modern web browser.
      Manage your lists and your diary. Print on index cards. Use it from USB FlashDisk. Upload to your PDA for browsing and editing. Or access from anywhere when uploaded to web server.
      And it's open source and free.


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        My Life Organized

        MLO works great from a thumb drive and includes Outlook and Mindmanager sync.


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          MLO is not open source and is limited.

          MLO is not open source and the free (lite) version is limited.


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            Essential PIM

            Free, runs off a USB



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              Take a look at Migo here is a review:



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                Also TreePad (freeware thru Business) will run without a problem on a thumbdrive. No footprint install on the computer.