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  • Digital solution?


    Firstly, Iím amazed by this board! Iíve participated on other internet discussion boards, (e.g., Motley Fool, tennis boards), but the quality of posts here is extraordinary! What a dream! I donít think Iíll be able to go back to discussing tennis with pre-pubescent teens!

    But I digressÖ

    Iím new to GTD. Iím eager to start using a digital device, like a Palm.

    My research suggests that a Palm Tungsten T3 is the best solution for me. It seems mostly everyone using GTD with an electronic device is using a Palm? The T3 stands out to me among other Palm devices because it has a voice-recorder.

    Question: What electronic device would you recommend?

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    Consider how you'll use a PDA before you decide


    An excellent question and one that begs a question for you in response.

    How do you think you'll use a PDA to support your GTD workflow?

    There is a tremendous amount of discussion on this board (and elsewhere) about the different approaches people take to using a PDA. Some do a tremendous of data entry directly into the PDA. Others (like me) tend to use it almost exclusively as a portable reference tool and prefer to do most data entry on the PC (or Tablet PC in my case).

    I find I use the PDA to scan my lists, look up contact information, and very occasionally jot down a new appointment or task. I could probably get by with an entry-level PDA with no problem and a less-expensive option like a Zire would probably meet all of my needs. I have a Sony Clie UX50 which I acquired when I was making much greater use of the PDA than I do now and it's really overkill for me to carry such an expensive device given my current usage.

    If you think you'll be using the PDA for a lot of data entry, reading of e-books and RSS feeds, listening to MP3s and audio books, and other intensive applications, a more full-featured unit with a larger screen might better meet your needs.

    The software you think you'll adopt should factor in your decision as well. Do you need the larger display for working with Office documents, outlines, and other files?

    I suggest you give some very serious thought to what your usage patterns will be before making a decision. I can say, from my own experience using both Palm OS and PocketPC devices, that the Palm is a better platform for me. My experience with the PocketPC was fraught with issues (I especially disliked the behavior of ActiveSync) and I was very happy to return to the Palm.


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      Mochant, youíve given me a lot of homework.

      Iíve given some thought to what I want to do with a handheld. But like using my first cell phone, I think I wonít fully know what I want in a handheld until I start using one.

      Dictation is an important feature for me. The only Palms that seem to have voice-recording are the Zire 72 and the Tungsten T3 (

      The T3 is $50 more, but seems worth it given the bigger screen, flip cover, and extra memory and processor power.


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        I use a Treo 650, a hybrid Palm/cell phone. It's less cumbersome than carrying around two devices, stores MP3 files (I have the whole GTD Fast set on my SD card), PDFs, Word/Excel docs, and functions as a wireless internet access point for my Powerbook through Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking. Now I don't have to look for WiFi hotspots. I have SoundRec, a freeware app, installed for voice recording, but several Treo forums have noted that the T3's voice recording application can be installed on the Treo.

        Actually, the previous model, the less expensive Treo 600 is adequate for GTD. GTD practice really only requires a good list manager, so any Palm will work. The main advantage of the Treo is that it's small and ubiquitous if you're used to carrying your cell phone on your person all the time. Before the Treo series came out, I stopped using the Palm because I found myself unconsciously not using it as much as I could because I didn't have a convenient way to carry it around; and paper day planners are even worse on that score. With the Treo I can keep it clipped to my belt and keep my hands free.


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          Gameboy, I hadnít considered Iíd have to lug around both my cell and Palm! DuhÖ

          I want as few ďin-basketsĒ and organizers as possible. I already extensively use a desktop, laptop, cell, and notebook paper, the latter in part because I donít have a PDA, but also because I like using paper from time to time. It would be efficient to merge some paper and the cell into a phone-capable PDA.

          I have 6 months remaining on my cell contract. When Bell Mobilityís offices open tomorrow, Iíll ask how I might upgrade to a PDA-phone plan without having to pay the cancellation fee on my contract.

          The Treo 650 looks good! Now that Iím considering a higher price range, Iíll also investigate ďall-in-oneĒ smartphones like the Blackberry. (Hey, I live in Waterloo, a.k.a., RIMerloo.)


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            Nokia Series 60 Smartphone

            Here - in Europe - GSM and Nokia are very strong. I am currently investigating the possibility to use the Series 60 smartphone (Nokia 6670) with external Bluetooth keyboard. The screen is small but the whole device is tiny and easy to carry around. It can be synchronized with Outlook.
            There are also Nokia Communicators with QWERTY keyboard and bigger screen.


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              I recommend getting a phone/pda combo as well

              This day and age it is often cheaper to get a phone/pda combo than getting them seperately. It is also considerably less pocket clutter to carry around.

              Most of these devices include some dictation capabilities which can be augmented by the add in memory cards.

              The Treo's are popular. I was stumbling through Amazon and came across a Motorola MPX220 unit that was $50 after all the rebates.

              I recommend looking into the phone/pda combo. My preference is a devices that works with a stylus as the mini-keyboard devices cause me to fat finger too many things.