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How to create printed archive of work?

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  • How to create printed archive of work?

    I appologize if this has been asked and answered before.

    For me, one of the limitations of using tools such as MS Outlook for implementing GTD is that there is no obvious way to document on paper what has been done on a, say, per-day basis. I can electronically see what Next Actions have been accomoplished. But how do I create a written record of what has been done? I use the GTD Add-In from NetCentrics, but I don't think that matters much.

    I find that in comparison with using a Covey or other physical planner, I dont't have artefacts of my work.

    Thanks, David McCormick

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    Won't the journal feature of Outlook work for this purpose? You can set it up to record some things automatically (e.g., Word documents opened on a given day). When I was in an Outlook environment, I used it to record my actions. You can enter what you did and how much time you spent. Then you can filter entries by day or for whatever period you want and print them out.