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  • GTD webapp

    Hey folks. Been lurking for some time, but finally decided to sign up. I posted a message on the Google 43folders group yesterday about an idea that I had, but I wanted to run it by some more people. Rather than type everything out again, let me post a link to the discussion. I'd appreciate any feedback you have on the subject:

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    Search this forum for AllMyWork. It never got past some alpha testing, mostly because it wasn't flexible enough.


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      I would love the "perfect" GTD software system, but I'm not sure there will ever be a single perfect app for everyone -- just look at all the different approaches taken by the posters on this board.

      On the other hand, if such an app were ever written . . . I wouldn't want it to be a webapp. If my connection to the web went down, or I was out of touch somehow, I wouldn't want to lose access to my lists, etc.

      Just one man's thoughts.