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Keyboard shortcut for saving e-mail to folders

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  • Keyboard shortcut for saving e-mail to folders

    I have set up extensive A-Z Folders where I put e-mail, in order to keep my in-box clear. Is there a keyboard shortcut for moving an e-mail into one of the folders. Now I highlight the e-mail and drag it to a folder.
    Len Edgerly, Denver

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    In Outlook 2002, control-shift-v is the command for "move to folder." It brings up a dialog box; you can then use the arrows to go up or down the folder list, and Enter completes the action, moving the message. Don't know if that's what you're using or not.


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      An additional handy shortcut here is Alt-RightArrow which will expand sub-folders. Then you can continue navigating down the list.



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        a slight revision to my post, you only need the Right arrow key to open sub-folders.



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          keyboard shortcut for saving email to folders

          I use similar folders extensively. In my work, I get many emails about the same projects all the time. For example, this week all my emails are about the same 6 projects.

          I placed the "move to folder" icon on the Outlook toolbar. Click on it and get a list of about 10 of the last folders you've saved emails to. If you've been in and out of the same files all week, this is a big timesaver - the list is right there, no matter where you are storing the emails.

          The keyboard shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+V.

          Alternatively, you can right click on an item and select "move to folder" and you will get the entire tree to choose from. Useful if you can't remember offhand where it is supposed to go.