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outlook mail/versamail/two machine issue

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  • outlook mail/versamail/two machine issue

    Hi and happy new year.

    Trying to achieve some synchronization - winning in some areas but need help with email ....

    Decided not to retire my dell notebook after my tablet purchase after all and am using it as a media machine if you like - downloaded all my cd's to an external hard drive and access through the house via netgear's media players - wonderful..... was on my someday project for a year and now suddenly it's 'done'..... however I digress with such showing off

    I find that if I have come home and not unpacked my tablet that it is easier to enter tasks, appointments etc into the 'old' laptop on the desk and now am even downloading emails to it which gets a bit confusing. I've managed with keysuite however to get tasks, contacts, notes and appointments synced between my old laptop, tungsten t3 and tablet. It's working fine.

    Problem is with versamail. I use the gtd add in so want to have synchronised inboxes but I can't seem to get it to work. Does versamail sync to two machines? I have more emails on the tablet. The laptop when it syncs to versamail takes a long time and says 'loading emails from handheld' - it LOOKS like it's doing it but it doesn't. When I check the handheld what has happened is that the tablet emails are deleted and replaced by the smaller quantity of dell emails... grrrrrrrr!!! I've checked all the boxes possible - it's not a date or size of mail issue - and I've even deleted the account and started from scratch.

    The two machines at this stage are not networked... they don't really need to be as docs to go will transfer any files that I need..

    Versamail is 2.6.1 - winxp and office 2003 if that's any help. Any ideas?

    thanks, Helen