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Lotus Notes a la E.Mack; Outlook w/ GTD Add-In; or ACT! 2005

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  • Lotus Notes a la E.Mack; Outlook w/ GTD Add-In; or ACT! 2005

    The GTD Outlook Add-in has received a good deal of attention in this forum.

    What about Eric Mack's "eProductivity Enhancements for Lotus Notes"?

    Has anyone here tried his system?

    See "Eric Mack's eProductivity Web Site" --

    From the look of the templates on Mr. Mack's website, it seems it might beat hands down the GTD Outlook Add-in.

    My sense is that Outlook is fundamentally flawed or misconceived for GTD project management -- at least for those of us whose work entails managing/handling _dozens_ of concurrent projects for many different clients. (My case -- solo practitioner lawyer.)

    Act! 2005 may also be a better alternative than GTD-enhanced Outlook, given the database improvements in its latest release, including the addition of a template field for "companies."

    Does anyone on this forum have ANY idea how these methods compare?

    Given the complexity of these "solutions," names and contact info for consultants who CAN KNOWLEDGEABLY COMPARE, advise and consult on these various programs would also be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    One thing that would help people help you, is knowing "how" you are doing these things now. Are you using Lotus Notes already? Are you using Outlook already? Are you doing everything via paper media now?

    If you already know and use the GTD methodology, then learning a new piece of software won't be an issue (comprehension and time wise). If you are new to GTD and will be new to either of the three programs you mentioned... then you need to find out which one is a better time investment and one that you will stick with.

    For me it was easy, I already used Outlook. While I have no personal experience with the two other apps you mention, I do have knowledge of them and have used them in a exploritory sense. Outlook comes with Office, the majority of people have it already. So using what you have is a better finacial decision than one investing in Lotus Notes and eProductivity.

    What I like most about the GTD Add-in is it is timeless... the method is more key than the software. As far as your comment of Outlook being misconceived for GTD project management, that's the whole reason behind GTD Add-in. And it is also the same idea behind eProductivity and Lotus Notes. BOTH products are not suited well for what we want to do with "actions/projects" which is why the applications were made in the first place, to enhance the programs they were designed for.

    I do remember ACT! had a steep learning curve. Your learning curve is also important. Time spent learning a new product is time used that could be bringing in income.


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      Use what you like.

      Use the software which is best suited for your job and which you like. GTD can be implemented with any method which has two features:
      -- memory to store all the stuff off-loaded from your mind;
      -- time counting/calendar function to remind you about the deadlines.
      That's all. So any PIM software or contact manager can be used for GTD. Automated e-mail handling is nice but not essential.


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        Lotus notes Template

        New experimental release of GTD using Lotus Notes.

        Check it out and contribute!!