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The GTD Binocular (aka AdvancedFind) for the Addin

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  • The GTD Binocular (aka AdvancedFind) for the Addin

    Okay folks, don't ask me why I'm doing this, since I don't really use the GTD Outlook Addin, preferring instead to exploit the multi-faceted Projects-As-Contacts method. However, I've heard the requests for some sort of "summarizing" functionality in the Addin, akin to the Activities tab for Projects in the P-A-C system, and I decided to experiment a little. The result is the GTD Binocular, a combination of VBA gizmos that more-or-less mimics (for the GTD Addin) the view of Items linked to a Project that is provided by the Activities tab.

    With the GTD Binocular, you select an Item that is related, via the Addin, to a Project. It could be the Master Project Task or any other Item "linked" to the Project.....

    Then click the GTD Binocular button on the Toolbar.....

    The GTD Binocular will search all your folders for Items related to the same Project as the originally highlighted Item, and display a list of those Items in a new window.....

    The window will resize to accomodate the number of Items listed.....

    and some common functionality is available in the list of Items.....

    I have this gadget working nicely with an Outlook 2003 PST (I haven't tested it yet on an Exchange installation), but before I post it for everyone's use, I need some brave souls to test it out on their systems to help find the problems that I've missed. If you are interested in a little, simple beta testing, send me an e-mail at, and I'll send you the necessary VBA gizmos. (Please note that Outlook 2002 [XP] or Outlook 2003 is required.)

    Best Regards.....Bill Kratz

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    Stunningly great! Regrettably, I too am using Outlook 2000. Would this make it worth the upgrade? I wonder.


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      Watch this space - I'll let you know soon

      I've contacted Bill and offered to help test the GTD Binocular. I'll post my impressions here once he gets me the code and I've had a chance to put it through its paces. It looks like a terrific addition to the add-in's core functionality.


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        You got that right!

        Originally posted by CosmoGTD
        PS: as to WHY you are doing it....its because TOYS RULE!
        Well said Cosmo!


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          Can't wait to try it...
          Waiting with baited breath...


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            I'll be all over this like a cheap suit!!!

            The GTD Add-In is weakest in the project overview/management areas.


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              Having worked with you in the past on your Projects-As-Contacts method, I'm definitely looking forward to the Binocular. Keep us posted!

              - Todd


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                Yes, can't wait to see more.


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                  Just curious has this been uploaded yet, I have 2003 and am dying to try it.




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                    Joey - I don't think so. Initially Bill asked for anyone interested in "Beta" testing it to email him... which I have. But I am under the impression he is a very busy man and this aspect is a hobby/interest for him and not a job. So I'd just be patient... he seems to be a man-of-his-word.


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                      I understand this is his hobby, I must have misunderstood I thought the Beta was available someplace.


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                        Binocular Update

                        A quick update -- I've essentially finished the Binocular. I got totally sidetracked for about ten days while I fought with what is really just a little UI nicety. There is not a lot of info available on the AdvancedSearch functionality that is necessary for the Binocular, so I couldn't stop myself from trying approach after approach. Stupid, because the feature is almost just window dressing, and my general idea looks to be impossible. Of course when I took a break for a couple of days, I came up with a much better looking, simpler means to accomplish the same goal. Duh!!!

                        I'm just cleaning things up and double checking myself, so I should send out the trial code within a week. I have quite a list of volunteers, so there is some interest in this little gadget.

                        Best Regards.....Bill Kratz


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                          Great... looking forward to it.

                          One of these days I'd like to reward your efforts by treating you to a Starbucks visit. Hopefully you are a coffee achiever!


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                            Is this available

                            I would be very interested in this.




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                              Curious about status of this

                              Hi all,
                              Any news on where the binoculars stand?
                              I don't mean to push... i'm just really looking forward to this tool!!!