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Palm & Paper Question

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  • Palm & Paper Question

    I'm looking for suggestions to help me select a good Padfolio that provides a mount for my Tungsten T3 (ideally one allowing free use of the slider mechanism). I like to use a paper pad for meeting notes while having immediate access to my calendar & task lists, so I prefer not to put my Palm in a storage pocket and retrieve it when I need it. I'm open to any new suggestions as well as comments on the following:

    I've seen the Franklin Covey clip and am curious to hear of any experience using it with a T3.

    I also have seen the Airtimer PDA/Phone cases, but I worry about the paper refills being a non-standard size that forces me to buy expensive refills from the Airtouch people (total cost of ownership. y'know?). I'd like more perspective on this from any Airtimer users, as well.

    Any thought or suggestions are welcome and will be greatly appreciated.


    - MB

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    Palm/PDA holder

    I have the Time/Design Gemini System for my Tungsten E. I love having paper next to my PDA! You can browse their selections at:

    Someone pointed me to them from this posting board last year. It was my "tax refund = present to myself" last year and I am still using it!

    The $23 for their hole punch is well worth the saved cost of refills as well as the time & frustration saved in putting notes on the rings.


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      Thanks for the suggestion! A follow-up question: I couldn't find the Gemini System on the site - I assume it's the system they call "PDA" - do you use the full or compact version, and why?

      Thanks again for the suggestion.

      - MB


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        I have the clip used by Covey, but find it too thick to put in my Time Design binder. The clips protrude too high to zip the binder closed.


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          The best case that I have found came from Wilson Leather. I don't know if they are national or not. I checked their web site and couldn't find my case on their webpage.

          The case is black leather and has an open sleeve on the left side and a pad holder on the right. What I like most about the case is that it doesn't require a velcro patch on the back of the Palm for attachment. It is held in place by a strap (unobtrusive) at the top of the pda sleeve.

          Inexpensive pads are available at Staples and OfficeMax. The case cost about $25 and is very well made.

          Good Luck (I am still in search of the perfect case/agenda)