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Is anyone using Outlook edition?

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  • Is anyone using Outlook edition?

    I am new to GTD and have been thinking about how I'm going to implement David Allen's principles and processes. Currently, I'm using ACT! as my contact manager, but it does not seem particularly adaptable to GTD.

    MS Outlook doesn't seem as powerful as ACT!, but is apparently better suited to implementing this stuff. I noticed that has an Outlook edition that is supposed to be tightly integrated with Outlook while providing many of the more powerful features of ACT!

    Has anyone out there used Outlook with the GTD add-in along with the Outlook edition of

    Thanks in advance for any comments or advice.

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    I use as a monthly subscriber. It is my practice to not integrate any ASP operations into my regular OS as I do not trust the stability of Windows. Are you opposed to 100% web-based interaction?


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      I am not opposed to anything that will help me better implement GTD. I just thought that the GTD add-in for Outlook was one of the cornerstones of the system.


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        To clarify - you wish to combine Outlook edition with the GTD add-on to equal 2 additions to same copy of Outlook? I purchased the Outlook PDF guide vs. the Outlook add-in because I was concerned with the add-in's modification sequence. I am gun shy however because I got burned by FranklinCovey's PlanPlus. I obtained the GTD Outlook PDF guide because I wanted to manually control any modifications to Outlook for the sole purpose of recreationin the event of a system crash. Let me know how it goes - I may wish to follow suit.


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          I'll let you know how it goes. It may be a while since I am new to GTD, Outlook, and I did download the free 30-day trial version of the GTD add-in for Outlook and it seems to work just fine.