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Outlook and ACT! 2005 - Are they really integrated?

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  • Outlook and ACT! 2005 - Are they really integrated?

    I am new to GTD and Outlook. I have been using ACT! with Outlook Express and would like to begin implementing GTD with the GTD Outlook add-in and ACT! 2005.

    The ACT! website says, "You can now edit ACT! Activities in Outlook and Outlook Activities in ACT!. These changes will synchronize back to the parent calendar."

    Has anyone in this forum actually tried this and if so, how well does it work?
    What are the pros and cons?

    Thanks in advance for any comments and insights.

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    I'll look into it

    A number of people at my company in sales and customer service use ACT! for CRM and we're about to do an upgrade to the new ACT! 2005. I'll check with my sysadmin and see if he has done any testing on the Outlook integration.


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      That would be great. Thanks.