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Database Program for Logging Books?

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  • Database Program for Logging Books?

    Sorry if this seems a bit off-topic but ....

    Can anyone recomend a good database manager for keeping track of books read? I've logged every book I've read since 1986, but it's on an old DOS database that is no longer supported (Nutshell). I'm interested in migrating this to a new program and starting to use that.

    Is there any basic product hat would let you set up fields with stiuff like Book Title, Author, Genre, Date Completed, Comments, etc.?


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    Here's a web app that does it:


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      Database Program for Logging Books?

      Thanks! That looks pretty cool and is close to what I'm seeking.

      I wonder though if there is any software package or program that you can buy foir this function without paying a yearly $19.95 fee?

      Thanks again!



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        Couple of options

        If you have a Mac, Delicious Library is very powerful (and great to look at too).

        You also might want to peruse Depending on your desire to get your technical feet wet, you can usually find something wonderfully simple and targeted there.


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          Simplest Palm PDA based solution.

          I catalogue all books in Palm Contacts application:
          Last Name: author's last name;
          First Name: author's first name;
          Company: publisher and year
          Title: book title;
          Work telephone: ISBN number;
          Notes: my notes about the book (filled after reading).

          If there are more authors I put them all in the Last Name field separated by line breaks (first name, last name order) so the entry is neatly displayed in list and browse view.



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            A program for Windows and a program for Mac

            I know of 2 programs that allow you to keep track of books you own, but I would suppose it could be used for books you've read as well. I know in the Mac version there is even a place for notes.

            For the Mac there is Delicious Library and it can be found at and I believe it costs $40 one time fee.

            For the PC there is MediaMan and you can find it at: and I believe it's free.

            They both look pretty cool and show you a bookshelf with the pictures of the books.

            - Mark


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              After assessing a number of different tools, I decided on InfoHandler by MDE Software to catalog my online document and offline book collections.

              Primary attractions for me of InfoHandler include its support for faceted classification schemes, annotations, and the ability to assign an entry to multiple categories. Thus, for example, I've created category sets for author, source, subject, genre, month, year, medium (film, television, radio, print, etc.) and physical location (in my library), among others. I've found InfoHandler robust and fast for a database of tens of thousands of entries with thousands of categories.

              Another tool I'd recommend checking out is Zoot (Zoot Software), which I use as a general information management tool, especially for process-oriented projects and activities.

              Although I've found both InfoHandler and Zoot elegant, robust, and highly useful, they're not free, and both entail a fairly steep learning curve.

              I hope this helps, and will be curious to know what application you determine most appropriate for your needs.

              MDE Software

              Zoot Software

              Examples of faceted classification schemes are the Dewey Decimal and Universal Decimal Systems. For a good overview of faceted classification, see

              For a reasonably comprehensive guide to information management software, see


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                Re: Database Program for Logging Books?

                Originally posted by Bushido54
                Can anyone recomend a good database manager for keeping track of books read? I've logged every book I've read since 1986, but it's on an old DOS database that is no longer supported (Nutshell). I'm interested in migrating this to a new program and starting to use that.
                You did not identify your targeted hardware platform(s).

                On MS Windows on a desktop or laptop PC, on a H/PC, or on a PPC, I use Illium Software's ListPro list manager to track my library. See

                The ListPro software allows you to define all your own fields, so I created my own customized list database with everything from title, author, publisher, ISBN, copyright date to my own review of the book, the URL of the author's web site, the URL of the publisher's web site, etc.


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                  Book Management Software

                  There is a product called Readerware that is awesome! It not only will keep a list of what you have read, but will also keep a list of what you want to read, or what you have in your personal library. You enter the ISBN number and it will go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and BooksaMillion sites and download the book information from there including a picture of the book. I was getting crazy trying to keep track of what I wanted to read, what I owned and what I had already read and this does the trick. I list all of the books that I want to read and if I already own it there is a field called "location" and I list "Home Library" therefore I know I already own it. There is a place to mark it if you have read it. There is also a place for comments and to rate the book. You can get and 30 day free trial and after that you will be hooked. It is a one time price of $40. They also have the software for your CD collection and your video collection.

                  Kristie Porter


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                    I'm with kowgirl on Readerware. Readerware works with barcode readers and runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Palm. Besides books, Readerware has programs for managing CDs, DVDs, video tapes, etc. A client/server version includes all 3 programs and is available if you have multiple computers. If you've purchased a lot books, CDs, and DVDs on like I have, you could import your purchases automatically. Another cool feature is that it allows you to track items you've lent out to people. They're also currently giving away free bar code readers with purchase. No, I don't work for them.