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Problems with "Projects" in GTD Outlook Add-In

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  • Problems with "Projects" in GTD Outlook Add-In

    I just sent the following question to the Netcentrics supports folks, but thought I'd post it here, too, to see if any of you has any suggestions:

    I'm having a problem with using the Add-In with Projects, at least as described in the manual. In the manual, there is a section headed "Move Project to Someday" (I have printed out a copy, and it appears on page 38 of my copy). I looked at the online Help file, created a Project as described there by creating a new task, assigning it the Action "Projects," then saved and closed it. I then created a new task, assigned it to the newly created Project, and gave it an Action (e.g., @Anywhere). The Project and the new Action assigned to it show up in my Projects list, whether listed by Active Tasks by Project or By Category.

    My problem -- and maybe I'm misunderstanding the manual -- is that, as I understand it from the manual, the "master project task" (i.e., the one I created and assigned the Action "Projects," without assigning that master task to a Project itself) should show up in bold font as the first task under that Project's heading. My doesn't. The Project heading is there -- it says "Projects: New Project" (where I assigned "New Project" as the name of the Project when I created it) -- but only the task I created and assigned to that Project appears under it. That is, there is no task entry that is in bold and reads "New Project."

    Am I doing something wrong? Am I misunderstanding something? If the master project task doesn't show up as a task under the Project heading, how can I change it to Someday?


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    It sounds like you have a problem with your view definitions.
    I'm not sure how to reset the GTD views, but you might try the gtd admin program.

    My 'Active Tasks by Project (GTD)' view has automatic formatting set up to make the task with action = project be bold.

    Also, your 'Project List (GTD)' view should be a list of just the bolded master projects and your somedayed projects. In mine, the filter is set up as Master Project Exists.