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Palm Security Software: Peace of Mind

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  • Palm Security Software: Peace of Mind

    My briefcase was stolen out of my car this afternoon, which is by itself a truly distressing event. Since my briefcase also carried my PDA and a USB thumb drive with all kinds of work documents on it, it's even more disconcerting. But because I have security software on both, to be honest, the things I'm worried about from a security standpoint are my paper documents and my checkbook.

    So for anyone who hasn't already done so, I'd recommend installing solid security software on your electronics, specifically software that encrypts data as well as password protecting it. I use PDA Defense on my PDA, and Private Disk on my USB drive. I can't imagine where my mind would be right now if I hadn't used those pieces of software.

    And if anyone happens to see a black leather briefcase on the side of the road near downtown Seattle, please let me know.

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    Kingston DataTraveler Elite

    Kingston Technology claims that it has perfect security solution for USB flash memories. Their DataTraveler Elite has 128-bit AES encryption hardware coprocessor. It is certainly weaker than 256-bit AES software-only solutions but they say that it is more secure as a general solution. See info at