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Eudora instead of Outlook?

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  • Eudora instead of Outlook?

    Hello everybody,
    I was just wondering if any of you uses Eudora instead of Outlook to process your e-mail.

    I'm using Outlook myself, because I was using the GTD Outlook Add-In a while ago before I switched to ECCO. Since I don't need Outlooks to-do-feature anymore (as I said, I use ECCO for this purpose), I was wondering if there is any eMail-Client that's as good as Outlook.

    I'm trying Eudora right now and it seems to be a really nice program, but I wonder if it's as good as Outlook when it comes to handling heavy loads of eMail.

    Outook's contact management feature is much better then Eudora's. But then again, there are other programs like "Act"...

    Any comments on this subject would be appreciated.

    Greetings from Berlin / Germany.
    -Ugur Tarlig

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    I would put Eudora up to Outlook any day of the week in terms of sheer ability to handle mail, but I too fall back out Outlook for its other features. Of course, on machines I use for personal use more than business, I use Thunderbird (a Mozilla product). It has better spam handling abilities without losing features when compared to Eudora. I have been converting all my clients to Tbird as it is free and very configurable: E-mail (multiple accounts, newsreader, RSS aggregator, etc).


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      Eudora best

      Eudora is the best program I've ever used -- powerful & simple.

      John Dvorak, PC Mag famous writer agrees. Many PC Mag writers use Eudora.

      But something is wrong with the company because they don't attempt to market their product.

      I don't want to give up Eudora, but I'm trying to figure out what to use to electronically manage all my tasks (to-dos), projects & notes (I have tons that need to be organized & be retrievable. For work, it could be PC based. It doesn't have to be portable because I'm trying to go home at night and have a life.

      I'm brand new to GTD and haven't picked what to use to have a fast & flexible system that reminds me when to do what. Help

      Austin, TX


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        I used Eudora for many, many years.

        When I began to feel the need to store my contacts information somewhere on the computer, I found out that Outlook's Contacts feature was very complete and much better than any other "phonebook" apps I tested (I must have tried everything out there, honest!).

        I switched to Outlook 2003 and have enjoyed the mail processing features that work as well as Eudora, plus the excellent contact/phonebook capabilities ever since.

        My two cents!



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          I've dropped Eudora and outlook for Mozilla Thunderbird and I've been very happy.