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What is G-Mail?? and ....

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  • What is G-Mail?? and ....

    ....what is so great about it? If you already have one (or more) email accounts, why would you need or want G-mail?

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    Why I use Gmail

    I used to use my own domain for my personal e-mail. As it turned out, I wasn't using the domain for anything else, so I eventually decided to let the domain expire. Still, my personal e-mail needed to go somewhere... so I moved to Gmail.

    In terms of general utility, Gmail is not that much different that having any other sort of web-based e-mail account -- I can check my mail from home or from work or from anywhere else I can get to the Internet.

    Gmail gives me a gigabyte of storage for my e-mail messages, so I'm not encouraged to delete e-mails. I've been using Gmail since April 2004 and my space is only 15% full.

    Messages in Gmail are also searchable, so I don't have to remember which labels I put on something in order to find old messages. I can search my e-mail easily and find things that might have taken a long time to track down by sorting and scrolling.

    Labels, as opposed to folders, are a nice thing too. A message or conversation can have multiple labels associated with it, where most mail systems will only let a message live in one folder.

    I see I've gone on longer than I intended, so I'll stop now. It's a neat-enough product, and a really cool web application, but if you have a mail system that works for you, feel free to stick with it.


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      Gmail Drive

      With Gmail Drive you can use your 1Gb Gmail account as a sort of remote hard drive.

      How cool is that?