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  • BrainStorm

    BrainStorm (at is a piece of software that was designed by someone who was an editor (of a PC magazine), a journalist and an advisor to an exhibition company. Too many things on his plate, needed a way to keep on top of it all.
    Added one more thing to his plate - BrainStorm. Went forward with all these tasks, and more, with BrainStorm as his secret weapon.
    It made zero demands on the 'inner geek' and allowed him to capture and organize thoughts and other information to his heart's content.
    Result: peace of mind and a job well done.
    The program has evolved and improved without losing its essential simplicity.
    There's a discussion list and a blog, where real users surface their ideas. They also talk a lot about the 'thinking software ecology' - the programs which they find help them most.
    BrainStorm was invented before the first outliner. This is only important because it starts from the way we think, not from the way we arrange information. Structure evolves from the content. Having said that, it is quite happy working the other way round.

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    I notice from the web site that David Tebbutt is one of the creators of Brainstorm.