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Does David Allen use GTD Outlook Add-In?

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  • Does David Allen use GTD Outlook Add-In?

    Hello everybody,
    I was just wondering if David still uses his Palm Desktop software or if he switched to Outlook and the Outlook GTD Add-In.

    Does anybody know?


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    The obove post was from me. I just couldn't log on the first time.



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      Actually, I think he uses Lotus Notes... it may be modified to better support GTD, I don't know.


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        DA's use of the GTD Add-In

        Hello Ugur,
        Last November, when DA was teaching the two-day seminar in Virginia, he indicated that he was using the Add-In with Outlook. He works primarily in Outlook, and then synchs to the proprietary planning software on the Palm. I've been doing the same thing myself for the last couple of years (except that I use a Pocket PC instead of a Palm) and it works just fine. The Add-In doesn't make any fundamental changes to Outlook; it just makes it much easier to process messages and assign next actions to projects.


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          <<the proprietary planning software on the Palm>>

          What software is this? I am using the Outlook add-in and a Treo 650, but am less than happy with Treo/Palm side of things.



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            Using the Add-In with Outlook and a PDA

            The built-in PDA functions on the Palm should be synching easily with Outlook. A few years ago I migrated from Palm to Pocket PC, but even back then, the Palm "talked" to Outlook on my desktop easily. Now, after the migration, I still do most of my task management and project management in Outlook on the desktop, and when I synch my Pocket PC to the desktop, Outlook just communicates the tasks and calendar items to the PDA software on the Pocket PC. That didn't change when, two years ago, I installed the Add-On to Outlook. I find that the Add-In makes implementation of GTD much easier, and Outlook still "talks" OK to my Pocket PC. Keep in mind that the Add-In is for Outlook, and not for the PDA software that is installed on your Palm. You might not see all of the features on the PDA that you see in the desktop, but it's still a lot better than operating without the Add-In. If you're having trouble with the Add-In on your Treo, there is one thing that you might try. (It helped me resolve several difficulties.) In Outlook on your desktop, click on Tools/Options, then click on the "Getting Things Done" tab. The "Update Task Actions" button at the bottom helped me to resolve the problem that I was experiencing with categories on my desktop not matching categories on my Pocket PC. It's still not a perfect marriage (and after 37 years of married life, I'm not sure that there is such a thing) but my Pocket PC and my desktop now seem to play well together. Also, the new (free) update to the Add-In is due out this month, and is supposed to address many issues.

            Good luck.