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Configuring Outlook Today in MS Outlook 2003

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  • Configuring Outlook Today in MS Outlook 2003

    Is there some way in which I can modify the Outlook Today page in MS Outlook 2003 to show only tasks that belong to a certain category. I would like to be able to ideally select the category, but if I had to just choose one, I would be content making it something like !Today which I could then select from the tasks managenent part of Outlook.



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    Outlook today!

    Forget outlook today!.

    The Calendar view is where it's at.

    You can customize the task list in calendar view to mirror your task list.

    If you download the Outlook guide on this site for $10.00 it will walk you through everything. It's well worth the $.


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      Here's what I do - I keep two Outlook2003 windows open
      1) Opened to the email - I switch to calendar here when I need to
      2) Opened to tasks - this is where I spend my time for GTD.

      In my tasks window - I've customized the view to sort on the categories, and I've modified the categories to be each of my contexts for GTD - @Agenda, @Call, @Email...@WaitingFor, Projects, Someday/Maybe

      To organize by category click View | Arrange by | Categories.

      Hope that helps.


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        I've come to write Outlook Today off as being about worthless. I try to keep most of my work in Pocket Informant on my Pocket PC, but when it comes to Outlook I use the 31 day calendar view with the taskpad. You can set the task pad up to filter by categories and sort by subject.


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          Tip/Trick: Outlook Views as Context Lists...

          I agree that modifying Outlook today would be nice, but probably not worth the effort of going to some sort of custom HTML solution.

          One alternative that I have implemented recently in Outlook is to have a series of customized views that combine several of my Action/Categories such as @Calls, @Home, @Computer, etc. as a single "Home context" view (since all of these contexts are available at home), sorted by priority in the case of one view, and another identical one sorted by Action, so they appear together.

          I have other context-based views for Work - Office and Work - On the Road contexts and they work very well.

          Hope this helps,