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Delegated Tasks for Group Action Management

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  • Delegated Tasks for Group Action Management

    Should we really use the delegated task feature to delegate actions to others?

    While many people are usually excited to learn that their action management system will allow them to delegate actions to someone else, I find that many who have actually worked with such a system do not often share the same enthusiasm.

    I usually recommend that my clients avoid using the task delegation feature of their action management system-- at least until I can confirm that everyone is on the same page in terms of how they will use it. In order for delegated tasks to work, a high level of trust and an "action delegation protocol" must exist between all parties.

    I've just posted the transcript to my recent Podcast about delegated action management.

    If you have successfully (or unsuccessfully) implemented a system of delegated tasks within your organization, I would like to hear from you.

    Perhaps you would consider sharing what you have learned from the experience.


    Note: For purposes of this discussion, when I refer to delegated tasks, I am specifically referring to the ability to create a task (an action) in a digital system such as Outlook or Lotus Notes, and to assign it to another individual, so that it will automatically end up on their action list.