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GTD and Tablet PC

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  • GTD and Tablet PC

    Found this while surfing around. I haven't downloaded the trial yet, but I'm always looking for Tablet specific apps, and one for GTD would be great...

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    In some ways it looks like they just took "onenote" and made their own tabs - which is easy to do. Wonder if it does anything else?


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      In fact it does

      I'm evaluating it right now and hope to post a review on my Tablet PC blog soon. It's actually a very clever application. I don't mean this to be thorough so take it for what it is - a quick opinion based on a few minutes of playing around with it. What it does is provide a capture space where you can jot down "stuff" as it comes up, and then, when you're ready to process, it "files it" appropriately as a Next Action, Someday/Maybe item, Project, Reference, etc.

      It retains the "inkiness" of your pen input but pre-recognizes it so it'ssearchable.It can import your day's task and calendar list from Outlook as well as anything in your primary Inbox too.

      For a first cut at a Tablet-focused GTD implementation, it looks very promising.

      I think it's well worth evaluating.