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Entourage, Missing Sync, Palm (w/ GTD)

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  • Entourage, Missing Sync, Palm (w/ GTD)


    I've been lurking for a bit while I work out the system that would be best for my implementation of GTD. The posts have been very helpful, but I didn't see one regarding a combo I'm considering.

    Entourage seems to have almost everything I need, except that there are apparently issues with syncing with a Palm (I have a Zire 72 that I use a great deal). Does anyone know if Missing Sync from Mark/Space works without issues with Entourage?

    I do handwrite notes to myself that I later enter on my laptop and then sync to my Palm, but almost all my appointments, etc., are entered directly into the Palm. I don't want to get too wrapped up in 'evaluating' software (too many opportunities to procrastinate!) but I'd rather not lose data I'm counting on, either.

    Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.


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    I tried using Missing Sync and lost all my Palm information on both the Palm device and laptop- stripped it right out. Never again!


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      Wow, definitely something to pay attention to. Thanks for the heads up.

      I've considered using my iPod instead of the Palm for the info I like to have with me, but (so far at least) there's no way to check off items done on the iPod. I have an older iPod mini, but those new color screen ones do look wonderful. I've heard a vague reference to a possible in-the-future Apple PDA of some sort, but nothing beyond that.

      Though I do use paper for notes, etc., I rely on my PDA too much to revert to total paper. Since I backup to my SD card on the Palm as well as sync with two separate systems, I'm hoping that lost data will be kept to a minimum.

      What I want is a nice little app - not too complicated - that acts as a Next Action List version of a Pez dispenser: one task done, next one automatically pops up.