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GTD Outlook Add-in: Syncing to two separate computers?

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  • GTD Outlook Add-in: Syncing to two separate computers?

    My firm has finally made the switch to Outlook, and it's been great to have the GTD Outlook Add-In available on my office desktop. I've been using it with Outlook on my laptop computer for quite a while now. I've also been syncing Outlook to my Treo 600 using Cahpura's KeySuite.

    Here's the problem: I can do all my planning, etc., and have all my next actions and projects nicely done and organized on my desktop computer, then sync to my Treo. So far, so good. All my next actions show up on my Treo, and I can view them by context in KeyTasks (the tasks component of KeySuite).

    Then, I sync my Treo to my laptop, and open up Outlook. All my next actions are there, and I can view them nicely by category (i.e., by context). But, if I try to view them by Active Tasks by Project (GTD), it appears the projects to which I assigned the next actions don't carry over -- i.e., I have lots of next actions under the "none" project heading.

    I'm guessing the real problem here is that there is no "field" in the KeySuite software that corresponds to the GTD Outlook Add-In's "Projects" field, so all the tasks get transferred, but the projects to which I assigned those tasks on my office desktop computer don't transfer to the Treo. Thus, on my laptop, I can see all the next actions, but not the projects to which they're assigned. I'm assuming -- though I haven't verified this yet -- that any changes I make to my tasks list on my laptop will suffer the same fate when I sync back via my Treo to my desktop -- i.e., if I assign a next action to a project, the next action itself will end up on the desktop computer, but it will appear under the "none" project listing.

    Does anyone have a solution to this? I've seen mention of an Outlook synchronizing app called OsaSync, but at least in my preliminary look at the website for that product, and in the GTD Outlook Add-In support forum, I don't see any clear answers.

    I'd appreciate any thought anyone might have, either about the OsaSync possible solution, or about any other way to deal with this issue.