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xReminder for Tickler and other stuff

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  • xReminder for Tickler and other stuff

    I'm new to GTD and just getting my system set up. However, I've been using a software tool for other things and I'm really liking how it fits into GTD.

    xReminder Pro is a really simple Windows program. You define reminders, and it pops up a reminder. You can schedule recurring reminders or one-time. It also includes a stopwatch and countdown timer.

    I'm using Outlook for my calendar and my action lists, but I hate, hate, hate having my calendar cluttered with stuff other than specific appointments. xReminder fixes that for me.

    Here's how I'm using it in GTD:

    There are certain habits I want to develop, such as cleaning off my desk and collecting all my in-items by around 4pm in the afternoon. It isn't critical, I certainly don't want an appointment set up on my calendar. Instead, I put a recurring reminder in xReminder. When it pops up at 4pm, I can choose to ignore it or choose to snooze it for another 10 minutes.

    I'm also using it as a tickler. For example, I always forget about haloween costumes until it is too late for me to do anything more than throw something together. Rather than put a piece of paper in my tickler, I wrote a reminder that says "Add a Project and Next Action for Creating Halloween costumes". It gets it off my action lists and I can still choose to ignore it.

    It also serves as a reminder for "routines". I have a timer set for 10AM daily that just says "Check In: Have you done your Morning Chores" and the notes section has a list of the morning chores I want to do daily.

    Other obvious uses include birthdays and recurring reminders like "Update and Submit Time Card".

    I use the countdown timer when I have something on my task list I DON'T want to do, I'll set a timer for 10 minutes and work on the offensive thing for just that long.

    Just thought I'd share this tool with y'all.

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    I do some similar things. I use the recurring feature with Outlook to set items which occur at specific intervals (monthly, weekly, even yearly). In combination with this, I also use my tickler system if I have something that is paper-based and would be easier simply to drop into a folder. If it is recurring, I either move it to the next date when I come to on a specific date, or I might make the note on separate pieces of paper and drop them in the specific dates for the whole year.

    I've also found I can put some of these types things on my calender (day specific or time specific). I've found this works best for keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries.

    The only caution I'd offer is something I've noticed with my system. I have to be careful that I don't have too many things that are popping up all over my computer screen which aren't crucial matters for me to deal with. I tend to go numb to them if I have too many popping all the time. So, by splitting the things across platforms (Outlook recurring, tickler system, calender), it tends to help me stay engaged with them.