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fountain pen ink for leftys

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  • fountain pen ink for leftys

    All, anyone have a recomendation for a brand of ink for a fountain pen for a left handed person?

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    Here you go Steve,

    I'm not a left-hander, but these inks are great.


    I've sent a sample bottle of quick dry ink to Chuck - and some left handed writers will try it out...if they don't mind its feathering tendencies with broad nibs on recycled paper it may be offered again at some time in the future. The benefit of quick dry was intended for left handed writers - as no matter how fast you write and press the freshly written word - it won't smudge...even if it hit the page a fraction of a second earlier. It truly hates recycled papers though - and dislikes broad nibs as it feathers from too wet a nib.


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      I am left-handed and have never had a problem with ink, because I write with my hand below the pen-point (like a mirror image of right-handed writers). Frankly, I've never understood why other left-handers curl their hands and wrists around in that awkward fashion. So here is my suggestion: Is it too late for you to change your hand position? It will be hard at first, but it might be worth a try.


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        Quick Dry Ink

        You might want to try Quink. I like Platinum ink but I'm not left handed. The pen you use will also probably determine some of this. I have some pens that are more of a dry writer themselves. Most Japanese pens will probably be that way.

        You may also want to post this question on my website. a pen related website.

        - Mark