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New Forum Software, Same Great Content

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  • New Forum Software, Same Great Content

    Dear Forum Users,

    We have switched the underlying software that powers these forums. User accounts and forum posts remain unchanged. We have also made sure the RSS feeds are still at the same location, however direct links to forum posts may have changed.

    The default posting time display is GMT. Registered users can display posting times based on their own time zone by logging in, clicking on "Edit My Profile" (at top) then "Edit Options", scrolling down and editing the time zone preferences. For more information on using the forums, please read the FAQ:

    Hopefully, you will find new features you like. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the "new" forum, please post them to this thread.


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    I'm sure it is here somewhere, but where is the feature so that I can adjust whether the oldest or newest posts are listed at the top?




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      Found it!


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        The new software doesn't seem to remember me from visit to visit, like the old software did. I have to type my name and password in (I mean, it's not a LOT of characters) rather than just click on in.



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          RSS Feed

          The RSS feed has gone from full text to only the first few lines of a message. This reduces a great deal of the functionality for me.

          I like to read the forum messages on my phone which is easy and convenient to do in an RSS reader. Because it's very slow browsing web pages, it's impractical to have to then click on every message heading to read the whole message. The result will be that I just won't be able to read messages unless I'm at a computer which greatly reduces the opportunities to do so. If I'm not able to read the messages in the first place it's much less likely I'll be coming to the forum to participate in discussions.

          I very much hope this functionality will be restored. Is there any chance of that?


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            Thank you!

            It looks like the RSS feed is back to full text. Thank you so much!


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              RSS Redux

              The RSS feeds have been completely rewritten to:

              1) show the most recent post in a thread
              2) display line breaks correctly
              3) display full text