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Input of customized outlook

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  • Input of customized outlook


    new to this forum, but a GTD-user for abaut a year back.

    Because I love to have my information in electronic format, I started using the GTD-addin for Outlook and noticed it had several shortcomings, especially when it comes down to adding additional information for projects and tasks.

    So, I started out to customize the appearance of Outlook to fit my needs.
    I'm sharing this because it have helped me a lot gaining even more productivity.

    I'm attaching a screen of my project form in Outlook.
    I also have custom NA forms and views but I'll start with this....

    When I create a new Project from GTD-addin, the attached form is used.

    When a new GTD-project is created, only the "Project-name" is filled with the name of the project.

    I have an option to choose "Master Project", a master project that allows me to filter out items in the outlook views.

    "Dependent project" is filled with other GTD-projects created and by choosing an entry I mark a relation with another project. Not necessary but really convienient in some occations..

    Further down I've added a convienient "Future NA/Todo" list that allows me to specify future NAs that not qualify to be the active NA. The best thing about this is the button under the list "Convert to Next Action". It creates a new NA Task with the current project name, and subject already filled in.
    It also removes this entry from the list and writes a log in the "history" list.

    At the right there is a text field called "Ideas" for writing down ideas, notes and other stuff to be remembered.

    At the bottom there is a "history" list and can be used to log events (some events are logged automatically ). Current date and time is added automatically at the beginning of the log row.

    To the right there are a field for inserting reference material, documents and
    other stuff.

    Finally there are a number of extra fields under the tab "Details" but
    I've left thoose out for now.

    So, could this be for any use to anyone here?

    Feel free to give me input of what could be improved.

    If someone is interested in this, I'll try to make my work availible for download.

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    Hi Mattias,

    Thank you for coming up with this excellent Project form. This fills a hole for me (and for others) which brings together in one form the details related to a project.

    I am interested in trying it out. I hope you will post the form to this forum.

    Thanks again, John


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      Looks great - can you post the form?


      This looks like great add-in add-on! Can you post this? If you need a place to host this, I can post it to the GTD Zone (after testing it of course).



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        I'd be very interested as well. Our firm finally made the switch to Outlook, and although I've been using Outlook and the GTD add-in on my personal laptop for awhile, I'm now getting Outlook to start "singing" for me. This project form looks like another incredibly useful add-on.

        Randy Stokes


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          I would agree....looks very helpful.....please post it if you are willing.



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            Input of customized outlook

            Yes, this would be very useful!


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              Well Mattias... you have your email ability here in the group turned off so I could not send you a request to post or make available via a web site. So... I will post here along with the others that see GREAT promise in your form!

              Learning how to do more macros and VBA will have to go in my Someday!

              Warm regards,
              Steve Banks


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                While I was brushing my teeth this morning, I thought "I'd really like a form for entering more detailed project information for the GTD add-on. I'll put that on my someday/maybe list". I look at the forums, and VOILA!!! There it is.

                My design included:

                Description of a successful outcome.
                Any due dates for the project
                Brainstormed next actions
                Space for additional comments

                The other thing I wanted was a way to do a similar thing for creating GOALS as opposed to PROJECTS. Since a project just has a category of Project, maybe a radio box that has Project or Goal would be sufficient?


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                  I definitely agree with all the other uses on this forum. This looks like a useful form to use with GTD. I would love to test it out.


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                    I am unclear; does this work "with" the Add-in or instead of it??



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                      I would love this feature. Please make it available for download.



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                        Y'know ... Saabs are a really good buy!


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                          Thank you all for the positive feedback!

                          Seems I'm not alone in missing these features.

                          I'll try to make the forms more suitable for sharing (fixing a few bugs) and
                          implement the GOAL-suggestion from K2Karen.
                          My experience with Outlook Forms also tells me that distributing
                          a form with custom controls is not easy, but I'll do my best..

                          If you come up with something missing or other features, please feel free to post and I'll try to add those.

                          BigStory: This form works with the addin. I simply point the GTD-addin to use this form when creating projects.

                          I'll get back as soon as possible with progress report.



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                            Sounds like a great form

                            I would really like this form. Where could I download it?