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Outlook & Entourage's Project Center

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  • Outlook & Entourage's Project Center

    Does anyone know of an add-in for Outlook that is similar to Entourage's Project Center?

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    Does the franklin covey software meet your needs? I've never tried it, but it does do some of the project planning tools.


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      I used to use it a couple of years ago, but now I've got a pretty good Palm/Outlook thing going & would rather be able to stick with that. From what I've seen, the Project Center in Entourage looks useful. I'd like to see that functionality in Outlook.


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        Take a look at Plan Plus for Outlook.
        I had the same dilemna, and this seems to offer the best option available.
        Also Iambic software has an Outlook addon called Agendus for Windows.


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          I think William Kratz is working on something similar here is a link to his thread on this.

          I believe is script will provide much of the functionality offered by the project center in Entourage.




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            I too look at Mac users with Entourage-Project-Center envy, and I can't imagine that the folks in Redmond could be sufficiently brain dead to not include it in the very next release of Outlook. Anything else they might do to improve or tweak the utility of Outlook would be totally insignificant compared to adding Project Center functionality a la Entourage. I know of no add-in that would come close. I use an older version of PlanPlus because I like its "Home" view, but can't recommend PlanPlus 3.0. I tried it and immediately went back to version 2.0. Regrettably, the Franklin-Covey software is notoriously buggy and unstable, and I've used it all... back to an early version of Ascend. So I wait in eager anticipation for Microsoft to add a Project Center to Outlook.


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              Outlook /Entourage

              Entourage has been wonderful for operating my office. It links all documents, contacts, appts, notes etc to a project. Its a streamlined version of a number of law office management software systems without a lot of things that I didn't use. No time or billing but that's an easy work around for me in my small office. I wanted something that was easy to use yet filled all the basic project, calendar, contact needs with linking to the documents and this is it. I hope you Outlook users get it too, even if you aren't Mac people.


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                I wonder if Enfish Pro, might do much of what Project Center does. I had played around with it a few years ago. I have not used Project Center, but Enfish allows you to gather Outlook emails, memos, Office files, and Outlook contact info all together on one screen.
                Has anyone work with both? If so, how do they compare?