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New and improved Hipster PDA?

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  • New and improved Hipster PDA?

    Do I dare suggest an improvement to the already perfect Hipster PDA?

    3 x 5 cards can be, let's face it, bulky. How often do users of the excellent Hipster actually write from top to bottom and side to side of each and every 3 x 5 card?

    Try this: Find a guillotine and cut some 3 x 5 cards in half, making twice as many 2 1/2 x 3 cards. Clip them together with a little binder clip. Secrete them somewhere on your person, and use them as you would a full-sized Hipster.

    Twice the number of (already cheap) cards, half the size, half the expense, half the required space.

    Works for me.

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    Super Size Your Hipster PDA

    Nice to see some of the cult in the house. Well, at least devotees of the hipster pda. I am currently trying out a bigger version of an hpda and am digging it. I write big and like to draw etc. So...I switched to the expansive 5X8 size index cards and even made a nifty cover for it. I carry a bag most of the time so it doesn't need to be pocket friendly for me. The other nice thing about this size is it matches the large Moleskine Notebook exactly. I use the two together and even use the elastic strappy thing on the Moleskine to hold my hpda. In this system, your lofi capture is the record/trigger. I still use iCal or Palm Desktop on my Powerbook for the triggers that need that context, but for calls, errands, etc.- it's hpda.I am finding it quick to use, plus you look all artsy and cool in the coffeehouse instead of being the nerd playing with your Palm. You might be brainstorming new marketing ideas, but when it's in a Moleskine, that girl in the corner assumes you're writing poetry.Until Apple makes a iPDA, Long live the lofi!