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    I've recently started experimenting with a new outlining/project managment program, My Life Organized, It is similar to Lifeballanced but comes in three versions lite (free), standard, and pro which includes a sync to Outlook. The program seems young in its development but is being actively devleoped and they are very open to suggestions. It currently does not sync to a palm or ppc, however if you sync to Outlook, you can transfer your data.

    I'm only three days into the demo, but I would be interested in hearing what other people think.


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    I don't mean to sound negative but it looks _exactly_ like LifeBallance. Have you discovered any differences while evaluating it ?


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      It is very similar, execpt the devloper is working on the long time complaints of LB. Hiding completed tasks, formating options, etc. Plus it can sync directly to and from Outlook without having to do a double sync through your palm.


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        So what?

        The LLamas ignore Outlook and the Pocket PC platform constantly and ride the horses palm and mac. I guess the best what could happen is that they are getting some competition now.

        just my 02. cents

        Thanks for sharing the link


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          I would not say that it is _exactly_ like LB.
          It took many good things from LB indeed and there are some improvements. After using it for 2 days I would list these new features I like:

          - goal setting (weekly goal brings task on the top of to-do)
          - project tracking
          - special views for both items above
          - sync with outlook (quite smart btw)
          - hide completed tasks in outline
          - you can assign more then one place to a task
          - hide in to-do option
          - nice interface

          What I do not like that there is no calendar and recurrent tasks. And no "balance" feature. There is a list of planned features somewhere on their site though. (I did not review it carefully)

          Besides there is a forum where developer is discussing planned features:

          He mentioned for example user interface improvements. There is also discussion about to-do ordering and some ppc plans (what I like!)

          So I would recommend trying this app.


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            Originally posted by vauha27
            ride the horses palm and mac.
            I don't agree, there is a huge amount of stuff that needs to be done on the Mac side and there have be no big improvements on the Mac version since they released it.


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              The other thing that seems incredibly refreshing about this software is how open the developer is about new features. The LB folks always took the typical sofware company stance of not talking about such things.


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                Thank you, Jeepers

                I will publish the new "look and feel" sketch of the application on Google soon. I think you will not be disappointed. Welcome to join the discussion about it (link below).

                I do NOT promise to apply all the suggestions (this would destroy the application and I think nobody wants this) but will definitely consider the best ideas.

                Thank you all for your support and help to create good app.

                Andrey Tkachuk
      , Ukraine

                Please join MLO discussion on Google:

                MLO features plan and known issues:


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                  Looks good to me from the screen shots. I'm going to give it a shot.


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                    MLO Rocks

                    The more I use this app, the more I'm impressed with how well thought out it is. It is so much easier to integrate goals, projects and planning into daily activities. I've used tools like Mind Manager, Results Manager, Life Balance and others, but while they all have individual strengths, they are just to cumbersome and I end up spending too much time tweaking the system vs. using it. Anyway, I'll keep plugging away here, and I look forward to seeing how this app evolves.

                    Keep up the good work Andrey!


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                      While LifeBalance isn't perfect, there is a Windows and Mac version... I wish there was a Mac version of MLO


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                        Originally posted by Unregistered
                        While LifeBalance isn't perfect, there is a Windows and Mac version... I wish there was a Mac version of MLO
                        Or a palm version.


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                          Any updates on how people are liking this?


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                            I liked it so much that I even wrote few (simple, though) converters between MLO and LifeBalance, Shadow and Bonsai, so that, if nothing else, you can spare some time on testing by importing your existing outlines. They are available via MLO discussion/support group.

                            Btw. MLO got facial lift in the meantime (right pane) and few new features (time estimate and filtering,...)


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                              IT is cool

                              Now MLO adds some new features
                              Its is so cool, but complex.
                              I will try it at the moment.