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My Dream GtD App

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  • My Dream GtD App

    I've been on a (rather unsuccessful) quest for the ultimate software solution.

    At work I'm restricted by my company's Outlook Exchange server. Email and Calendar *must* be used within this context (group scheduling, etc.) So, for me, the dream solution would be an Outlook replacement that would be able to connect with an exchange server.

    An Outlook replacement that was able to connect to the Exchange server for email and calendaring, but had advanced Project (including multiple NAs)/List-making tools (very lacking in Outlook- even with the Outlook Addin), which is palm-syncable, would be a dream. This would eliminate the multiple program "hack" approach with which I'm struggling now.

    Just dreams.

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    maybe give Googgy GTD-Tablet a try?

    I ain't using it as I can use Outlook unrestrictedly.
    However tried it and seemed nice. There is a comment about it on JKontherun as well.




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      Well, I am currently trying out that product. It's being a little more difficult than I would like, and it doesn't sync with palm (it's really intended for those folks with tablet pcs).

      So far, THE best thing that I've found has been Bollinger's custom Outlook form. I've discovered this, and combined with the Outlook Addin that I got from this site, it's doing an acceptable job. It's still lacking the Listing-making tools that something like Note Studio provides. I suppose I can keep dreaming.

      Or, learn to program.

      (Quickly adds a new entry to Someday/Maybe)


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        Hi Tim,

        Check out the thread I started here...

        I'm currently finishing one software project and creating a system specifically for Allen's GTD will be my next one. It seems like there is a lot of stuff out there, but nothing I have found that truely maps to Allen's laid out procedures and is intuitive to use.

        If another programmer writes it first, great. If it works great and my mind can flow with it, great, but until there is, I'll be building one of my own. I plan to release it to whoever would like to use it for a reasonable price, if not for free.

        Tim, if you have any more ideas to add, mention them. I like the one about integration with GPS, detecting what store you're at and coming up with a screen of what you need to get there.