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Managing projects with GTD add-in

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  • Managing projects with GTD add-in

    I have been using GTD for more than a year now and am familiar with the process. Since many are recommending the GTD add-in, I decided to give it a shot.

    What strikes me is that the management of projects is very messy. If I tick a project off as completed in the Tasks list, it will still show up in the drop-down box when creating new actions. Am I correct in assuming that the correct actions to take when a project is completed is:

    1. Select menu: Tools->Options->Getting Things Done
    2. Press Manage Projects...
    3. Select the completed project
    4. Press Remove.
    5. Press Ok on the GTD project dialog.
    6. Press Ok on the GTD tab.

    This seems very cumbersome to me, surely there must be a better way?

    I tried searching the help for the add-in, but couldn't find anything relevant.

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    Yes, I just noticed that as well...

    I took a quick look at the feature enhancements for version 2.1 (coming this summer) and they seem to be focusing a lot on making the whole Projects integration a lot smoother and more robust. Perhaps they will address this as well.

    I would not necessarily 'remove' the project since I think that deletes all references to the project and I would not be able to go back and check recently finished projects for info. I would just 'hide' it from the dropdown list.

    I have the add-in set to delete completed items every 14 days... I imagine that deleting the completed projects would remove them from both the drop down list and the project management page.

    I guess I'll find out the next time an 'auto-delete' rolls around.