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Outlook - How many All Day Events displayed?

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  • Outlook - How many All Day Events displayed?

    I have recently setup Outlook for GTD following the instructions from David Allen Company.

    I am using Outlook 2003 and it appears that there is a limit on the number of All Day Events that can be displayed on one day. The limit appears to be 15. You can enter more than 15 but only 15 are displayed on any given day.

    This means you cannot see all of your day specific commitments at one time, if you have more than 15, which could be disastrous if you can't see a commitment that has to be done on that day. The Outlook setup guide specifically says some people can easily have 15-20 day specific commitments, which I often do, so I am hoping that others out there have dealt with this issue.

    I have found that the Outlook Today view displays all of the All Day Events but it seems like a lot of work to remember to go to that view just to be sure you are seeing all your commitments for the day.

    Is this a hard limit? Can you change the setting anywhere?

    Any insight on this would be appreciated.

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    There are only two ways to "see" more all day events. One change your screen resolution to a higher res... two, switch view to table view.