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  • New Masterlist

    Has anyone tried the new version of Masterlist?
    I had trialed the original and found it bulky and bloated. The new version seems to be a vast improvement with fill Outlook sync.
    Would be interested in anyone else's take.

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    Interesting software. If it did more of a sync with outlook this would have caught on here amonst the GTD faithful


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      It does synch with Outlook

      I am testing the professional edition. This is a very nice program! I find it does fully synch with Outlook 2003. I am still working with the program and will post more as I go through this. SO far, I am very impressed.



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        I downloaded it the other day and so far have not had a chance to put it through its paces. But first impressions were that it might work very well with GTD. Hope to get at it later in the week. I look forward to your observations!


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          this is different than The Master List program

          I thought this was the same program improved from
          But this is a totally different program --very impressive .

          The metrics in the pro version could prove to be distracting to me .


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            Re MasterList Professional

            Hi there, I wrote and sell MasterList Professional, and one of the above posters just sent me this link. A couple of things to mention:

            1. I -really- agree with David and GTD! Traditional time management was a hot idea in '03 - 1903 that is! It's a game you cannot win in 2005, and David has been leading the way towards a new way of managing your time and tasks.

            2. If you have any MasterList Professional questions, desired features or bugs to report, please post them at

            3. Thanks for the kind comments!

            Bob Walsh


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              With a few tweaks, this could be really cool. I've been testing it, and one of the nice things I've noticed about this over LifeBalance or other systems is the ability to add notes to the system, and time manage. Interesting stuff.


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                Has anyone had a chance to review this app in further detail? Any insight into usefulness for GTD?

                Just curious....


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                  masterlist didn't work for me

                  It crashed both times I tried to use the outlook import for tasks.
                  I sent two reports to them from the program and I've not heard anything back yet. Looks very promising , just not sure the professional version is ready for prime-time yet .


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                    FYI - New Version of MasterList Professional

                    Hi all,

                    Back in April, Ext555 rightly pointed out they hit several bugs in MasterList Professional when they tried it. I just wanted to point out that those bugs - and others - have been fixed and a new version 1.07 was released three days ago.

                    Besides bugs fixes and increasing the trial period to 45 days, there's a new Prioritizer tool which has three different methods of quickly defining the right "to do" order for your Current List, a project or your entire Masterlist.

                    You can download MasterList Professional 1.07 from CNET or our site,


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                      Any reviews???

                      Has anyone put this through the paces of their GTD discipline? I'm still muddling through my "collecting" so I'm wondering if I should start with this program from the ground up to get going on GTD.

                      Is it too much to maintain? Thanks for any info before I download it.


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                        Maybe it's just me , I just don't seem to have much luck with this

                        I successfully removed the first version of this progam.
                        However, after entering 1project with 2 tasks it slowed down importing tasks from outlook . Needs some kind of " in progress " function while it's busy opening task list in outlook --it just freezes up and you're not sure if it crashed or what ? The UI is a little time consuming and it definitely needs windows speed keys to make data entry quicker .

                        right click menus are another thing sorely lacking .
                        Program also mis-interpreted the time on a recurring appt in outlook . the appt ended at 5am and the program showed it starting at 5am .

                        Bottom Line : it's improved but still needs a lot of work .
                        Sorry !

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                          does show a lot of promise

                          just to be fair , this program does show a lot of promise . I like the concept , I'm sure it will be very good in the end .

                          Might be worth paying the 24.95 now , not sure what price will be in future.