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My 'tickler file' Applescript for Apple Mail

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  • My 'tickler file' Applescript for Apple Mail

    I was playing around with Applescript over the weekend, and have put together a 'tickler file' script for use with Apple's Mail program.

    It creates a bunch of folders for future months/days into which you can file your emails, and from which they'll then re-appear in your inbox on the appropriate day/month.

    (Upon triggering the script it checks for emails filed in today's month and day folder, and if it finds any moves them back into your email box for further processing.)

    You can download a .dmg file from here:

    It contains the script itself, plus instructions for installing and using it.

    It's only a 1.0 release, so all comments and suggestions gratefully received.

    Andy Warwick
    Creed New Media.