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Treo 600 or Smart Phone

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  • Treo 600 or Smart Phone

    Hopefully someone can suggest a relatively inexpensive cell phone, less than US $250.00, that can I can sync my big address book to/from a PC. I need a GSM unlocked phone that I can use outside the US.

    I use an old Nokia now, along with a Palm Tungsten T3, but am tired of using bluetooth to dial calls from the T3 to the nokia. It's great if I have both hands free, but I am usually carrying something or ...

    The Treo 650 was my first choice, company will purchase, but using the Treo 650 for only the phone seemed overkill, so I negociated a deal and am now looking for a cheaper option. The Treo 650 alone, as in substitute for my T3, is not an option because of the memory limits. I have too much data on the T3, so I would have to keep the T3 and carry the Treo as well.

    I am just about decided on getting a Treo 600, because they can be found in my price range and I can keep using my Palm phone book and the Palm OS address book enhancements that I now have and am familiar with, but if anyone can recommend a new cell phone that I could sync my address book to I might reconsider. I have about 2000 address book entries, most with several numbers.