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    I just wanted to share a great tip that I just set up for myself today.

    I have a Gmail account (and heaps of invites if anyone wants to send me an email at trisha @ genesislifecoaching. com requesting one) and I recently installed Gmail Drive from

    It's great! I can use all my Gmail storage space to store back-ups and share files easily - because Gmail Drive turns your Gmail account into a 'virtual' hard drive on your computer that you can treat just like a normal hard drive - copy, paste, delete, etc.

    And best of all, it's 100% free.

    One warning though - Gmail may at any time change and you may lose access to your files, so only keep copies on your Gmail Drive.

    Also, I had to reboot my computer for it to work. But it works ok now.


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    Do you have to have a network connection to access your gmail drive?


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      problem w/ installation

      I tried 2 install it and it said the installation failed


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        just for the record - didn't have any issues with this the other day and didn't require a reboot so perhaps this update may help:

        27 July update: A change in an url redirection of the Gmail service caused problems with login. Version 1.0.6 will resolve the problem. Please uninstall (from the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs), then reboot and install the new version.

        as for needing a network - good question - I don't recall the drive caching files last I checked. I can't verify this - anyone else?


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          No. It works fine on my home computer which isn't networked or anything. Just need an internet connection.