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AIM chat about GTD, Thursdays at 10 pm EST

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  • AIM chat about GTD, Thursdays at 10 pm EST

    for all you Americans and Canadians (and Aussies and whoever else is awake at this hour) the chat on AIM in room "GTD" is tonight at 10 pm EST. Don't forget! This is a test run and I just want to see how many people will show up.

    IChat users on Mac can also use this. When you are in IChat, just press Apple Key+G and type in room name "GTD". AOL AIM procedure for joining a specific room should be similar.

    Please join. I want this to be a weekly chat.

    Also, we can have a separate chat for Euros. Post the best time for everyone.

    My name is "ardenttalker" on AIM. So please join and let's chat away!

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    by the way, I am always logged into the room "GTD" so anyone can join me there at anytime, not just at 10 pm on Thursdays